Song of the Day: Zola Jesus - Go (Blank Sea)

Like Dangerous Days before it Go (Blank Sea), the second track to be teased from Zola’s upcoming LP Taiga, is a solid track albeit one that doesn’t really excite me. 

I’m not hating on Zola Jesus because she’s “gone pop” but I must admit that it was the darkness in her music that initially drew me to her songs, and that seems to have been lost under the glossier sound of her latest tracks. I’m still looking forward to Taiga but I hope these more upbeat songs are not the norm. 

In Your Nature was a rare moment of elation on her last album and possibly my favourite track on Conatus but that doesn’t mean I’d want a whole album of similar tracks. Feeling mighty conflicted over this one :/

Once again it’s that time of year when my bank balance takes a sizeable hit as I clear out my iTunes wishlist. It’s mainly K-Pop songs by artists who I like but not enough to buy their physical albums. So lots of Vixx’s songs this year :P

New additions to my Shiina Ringo collection arrived today ^_^

Now I have 3 of her 4 solo albums and two CD singles, that puts her level with Utada for most entries in my J-Pop collection - never thought I’d become this interested so quickly :P

I was thinking that I was pretty much done with the Shiina releases I wanted and then I remembered Hesei Fuzuko and Watashi to Hoden, and don’t even get me started on Tokyo Jihen!

Why must this woman produce so much good music? it’s great for a music fan but it is not good for my bank balance :P

parklakespeakers replied to your photoset“Album Review: Imogen Heap - Sparks The fact that this review was…”
I am pretty much a newcomer and the jumpiness of the album is fine by me! I do have opposite views from me in that I love Telemiscommunications but Xizi She Knows is my least favourite and I find it a bit uncomfortable
I must say that Telemiscommunications has really grown on me recently and it’s far from my least favourite track (the only song I really dislike is Entanglement cuz that is so bland!).
I do love Xizi though. I think Imogen has a lot of love for all the people who got involved in that track and you can really hear that, it’s joyous but also has a point to make.
I think you could make a case for any track being the best, it’s just that good of an album ^_^

Song of the Day - Ling Tosite Sigure - Abnormlaize

I’ve been really getting into Psycho-Pass this past week, it’s great and i particularly like the music.

The soundtrack and the opening and ending themes are all really good but I particularly like this track by Ling Tosite Sigure. It’s a lot heavier and rockier than my usual taste but it’s superb nevertheless. It has so much energy and a really dark undercurrent that work so well together. 

What can I say? I can’t dislike a song that puts the frenetic energy and rythms of The Mars Volta into a more digestible pop-rock setting :P