Song of the Day: Royksopp ft. Lykke Li - Were You Ever Wanted?

Two consecutive days of Lykke Li on the blog ^_^

I can see why this was relegated to the Japanese edition of Junior; Miss It So Much (their other song with Li on vocals) has a chirpy tone that fits the album much better but I think this is the better song overall. It’s got that perfect Royksopp blend of mainstream and experimental and some very dark lyrics, cracking stuff ^_^

It’s funny that Lykke is singing about someone called Annie cuz I think Annie’s vocals would have been a perfect fit for this song. Not that there’s anything wrong with Lykke Li, just personal preference :)

Robyn & Royksopp Announce Collaborative Mini-Album

Following the already exciting announcement of their joint tour, Robyn & Royksopp have upped the excitement with details of a 5 track album to be released May 26th. The preview of new track Monument (see above) is something we’ve not heard from either artist before, as they’ve said this is not Robyn produced by Royksopp, or Royksopp featuring Robyn.

They’ve got a good track-record together and it has been far too long since we’ve heard from either of them so I’m quietly anticipating this release ^_^ (even if the above teaser is a lot darker than anything we’ve heard from Robyn, and most of what we’ve heard from Royksopp, before :/)


  1. Monument
  2. Sayit
  3. Do It Again
  4. Every Little Thing
  5. Inside The Idle Hour Club

EXO-K: Overdose Mini-Album Highlight Medley

Once again feeling the downside of not being even remotely near Exo’s target market. Their darker electro-pop songs are great and some of their ballads are interesting too but I can really do without the more saccharine tracks that they tend towards :/

Having said that the first two tracks seem pretty inoffensive and that track at 0:35 sounds really good - if it’s just an intro for that over-the-top number at 0:40 I’m gonna be so disappointed :/

But, overall, my hopes for this album have been dashed. Gonna have to resign myself to the fact that f(x) are the only SM Entertainment act I’m ever gonna really love :/

Wow, another great album from Kelis; possibly her best since Wanderland, for me at least.

Along with the great songs we’ve already heard my early faves are Cobbler and Change. What is everyone else thinking about Food?

Song of the Day: Perfume x EDX - 575

Reposting with actual audio this time -_- (and a free download to boot ^_^)

This is a great Perfume mash-up and I kinda wish they did some songs in this style :/

I’m not saying they should go for the usual western dance/club sound but maybe something with a less melodic backing track. Nakata has a real talent for creating melodically detailed instrumentals and, whilst that is great, it can overshadow the great vocal melodies that he often writes.

I love Perfume’s sound and I wouldn’t want it to change too much but it would be nice to have some more tracks that really highlight one solid tune, wouldn’t it?