New Music Purchase: Kelis - Food

I’m really enjoying this album at the moment, it has the perfect blend of fun and summery sound with enough emotional gravitas in the lyrics to keep the songs from falling flat.

Picked up the deluxe bundle with a remix CD (it’s a bit hit and miss compared to the album itself, but hey-ho :P) for a tenner! Great bargain ^_^

This has been added to my long list of album’s to review once I’ve finished my degree :P 

Song of the Day: Imogen Heap - Me The Machine

One of the HeapSongs that I didn’t pay much attention to originally, so it’s a pleasant surprise second time around (Wow, where did those two years go).

I’m glad Immi has released some kinda new music cuz I need to get hyped up for Sparks. Shame the album was pushed back but it’s kinda fitting in a personal way for me: Immi started the project in my last year of college and I’ve followed it as I’ve gone through University and the album is going to be coming out hopefully just as I finish my degree. 

I love all of Immi’s albums but this one is going to be extra special ^_^

Song of the Day: Bjork - Sacrifice

I tried to pick a fitting song for Earth Day and I think this fits the bill ^_^

It’s a testament to Bjork’s talent that she could write a song about relationships that applies just as equally to our relationship with the planet. In my opinion it’s one of the best tracks from the patchy, though inspired, Biophilia.

Song of the Day: Rokysopp - Across The Graveyard

Another lesser known Junior era song today. It’s a sumptuous track that would have fit perfectly on Senior. In fact, I think it’s better than a couple of Senior tracks and deserved a place on there rather than just being an iTunes bonus for Junior. But that doesn’t really matter either way and is never gonna change so, now that it’s done, I’ll just try and spread the love for Across The Graveyard ^_^