I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while, I had so many reviews planned but I’ve had to postpone them because I’ve hurt my arm and can’t type for more than 5 minutes without being in terrible pain (bit melodramatic but yano).

Hopefully everything will be back to normal by the end of next week and I’ll be able to share my reviews of FKA twigs LP1, Perfume’s JPN, and Imogen Heap’s latest release, Sparks. 

In the meantime here is my favourite music of the moment: Charli XCX’s Break the Rules (her second album is shaping up to be awesome); and Kimbra’s new album, The Golden Echowhich is an awesome second album.

p.s. I really wanted to like T Swizzle’s new song, Shake It Off, but it’s an underwhelming lead single and an underwhelming follow-up to almost anything from RED. It also sounds a bit like she’s chasing trends instead of incorporating them into her own sound like she did with Trouble. I hope the new album is better than this :(

SHINee’s Taemin makes his début with SMent’s most lacklustre Title-track since The Boys

If you read the title of this post I don’t need to say this; but I’m so disappointed with this track. SHINee’s recent output has chock-full of some really unusual pop-music and this just can’t hold a candle to it. it’s barely an above average K-Pop song.

It is saved from total mediocrity by the bass, far and away the most interesting part of this song. Shifting from a straightforward electro stomper (like the rest of the song) it shifts into something a little off-kilter and funky, recalling the rhythmic changes of SHINee’s own masterful One Minute Back.Unlike that song though, Danger cannot make the different styles it dabbles in gel and it just comes off as a half-baked mess. 

I can’t even say it’s catchy, a redeeming feature of most K-Pop: having listened to it three times I can’t recall much of it at all. I’m sorry if this seems unnecessarily harsh but I was rather excited for this release (SHINee have had an exemplary run of tracks in the past couple years and Taemin, already a great dancer, has been going from strength to strength as a vocalist too) and Danger is hugely disappointing.

The album is gonna have to do a lot better than this.

Song of the Day: Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

This may be her most straightforward ballad yet but it’s still a cracker. Some subtle touches in the production make for an interesting listen but the real saving grace is Jessie’s voice - she has a great gift for conveying real emotion without having to belt out notes or shatter glass.

It’s not that her voice isn’t good enough to do that, it is, but she always give perfectly pitched performances that show a lot of restraint. Somehow it’s more relatable, more human, and it makes her music so much more moving, to me at least.

The second single to be taken from the new album, Tough Love, out 6th October (21st October in N. America).
Pre-order the album: http://po.st/ToughLoveDLXS
Pre-order the single: http://po.st/SYLM5

Crystal Kay: Dum Ditty Dumb 

This song is awesome and the video is even more awesome, I love the style and look of it so much (why have I stupidly avoided Crystal Kay up til now???)!

But is this the full version? I hope not because, though the song is great, I still want it to be longer. Why am I so hard to please? Someone drops a killer song and MV and I’m still finding faults >:(

New Music Purchase: FKA twigs LP1 (Deluxe Vinyl)

Wasn’t expecting to get this one but I’m glad I did; it’s fantastic!

The deluxe vinyl comes with 4 wonderfully disturbing art prints, a 7-inch containing the bonus track One Time, and a magnifying card to read those teeny tiny lyris :P

Stunning looking LP and a stunning début album ^_^

Album Review: Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

Whilst writing my review for Red Light I realised that my expectations for K-Pop albums may be a bit high. Sixth Sense is to blame for that because it is, hands down, my favourite K-Pop album of all time, and one of my favourite pop albums too.

Check out my totally biased review for this masterpiece here ^_^

p.s. this was intended as a justification for my harsh judgement of Red Light, but I really just ended up adding insult to injury so… sorry :/